Our Technology


The Company is demonstrating that the possible number of druggable targets is far greater than those on which the pharmaceutical industry has historically focused, that many of these existing targets may not be the most biologically relevant or the ideal points to intervene with therapeutics, and that drugs that have not reached their commercial and medical potential due to side effects can be improved.

Classical methods for discovering drugs and drug targets do not render a sufficiently deep understanding of the target until too late in the development or clinical trial process. Gaining an early understanding of disease mechanisms at the protein level will accelerate the development of therapeutics against disease.

To meet this demand, HK Pharmaceuticals has developed Capture Compound Mass Sectrometry (CCMS™). CCMS (a) unravels the molecular basis of toxic side effects due to drug interactions with proteins other than those for which they are designed to react and (b) provides a means for discovering new drug targets and designing new drugs based on the deep understanding gained of their structure and function, as well as the mechanism of action on a cellular level.