Cambridge, October 14, 2003 HK Pharmaceuticals™, Inc. today announced that it has relocated its corporate headquarters to 840 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Cambridge location places the Company in close proximity to future collaborators from the US and European pharmaceutical and biotech industries, each having high concentrations of companies on the East Coast, especially in Boston and Cambridge.

The relocation also will enable HK Pharmaceuticals to take advantage of the wealth of highly qualified chemists and biologists trained in the Boston area.

840 Memorial Drive, 2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139

About HK Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
HK Pharmaceuticals is an emerging drug discovery company using a proprietary high definition and high throughput protein discovery and characterization technology to develop new, highly efficient and safe drugs. The Companys Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry™ (CCMS™) technology enables significant advancements in protein separation, analysis, identification and characterization, providing a deeper understanding of a targets molecular structure, function and mechanism of action on a cellular level.

This technology allows, for the first time, a top-down approach for the development of new therapeutics by identifying disease-related differences in protein profiles from healthy and diseased individuals.

The Company also uses a specific application of CCMS™ ToxPro™ to identify and decrease toxic side effects of existing drugs and pre-clinical candidates by determining the structure/function relationship of drug-protein interactions and re-engineering the drug molecule. For more information about the Company, please visit

Contact Information:
HK Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Abigail Devine, Investor & Corporate Communications
617-576-0861 x118